Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Thank Goodness it Rained!

This afternoon it rained! We have been without rain for over two weeks and the last was just sprinkles. Today's wasn't much better but it filled the stock tank under the gutter on the barn. So the critters have water and the dust has been settled. I hope that the Red Flag Warning we've been under for the past month has been lifted but probably not. I have a bunch of leaves and trash that need to be burned.

The rain today meant we didn't get to ride. I did get the picture of Briar and The Mare in the beaver pond downloaded (Hooray for geeky 13 year old kids) Check out the water level on her jeans. When we rode last night I put Voosh in the river to the left of the picture, just past the dam. Then we rode in the river on the other side of the brush on the spit behind Briar. The river is fast and I have to be careful not to look at it. I must keep focused on where I'm going. Last year I got caught up in watching the river and gave myself a raging case of vertigo. Not fun!

I heard today that one of the ladies I ride with took a bad tumble yesterday. She was following Stefanie up the powerline hill when her horse turned and bolted downhill. At the bottom of the hill her saddle slipped and she came off. Even with her helmet on she has a terrible goose egg on her forehead, a mild concussion, 4 stitches on her chin and a drain tube in her knee. She was riding her young Arab gelding that she planned on riding in the Fairbanks CTR which is about 6 weeks away. Good thoughts and prayers are always welcomed.

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