Thursday, May 21, 2009

Back in the saddle again

So after almost a week of being too tired to ride at the end of the day, Briar and I finally got a ride in. It was a short one, just an hour and a half. The field road across the hay field is finally dry enough that we can ride across the field to access the river trails. So we rode across the big open field and down the paved road to the gate. We need to make a new trail through this area since the tree roots have been exposed by two Competitive Trail Rides, several poker rides and the riding that the "regulars" do. It's not a long area and there's not much trail making to be done, just several small alders taken out so that we don't catch a stirrup on them.

We rode down Dead Horse Hill and the powerline trail was dry today so we rode to the river. The beaver dam was deep. I sent Briar across on the Mare to see just how deep it was. The Mare stands about 16.5 hands. The water came to the middle of her shoulder. I have a picture on my phone and as soon as I figure out how to download it I will post it. Briar rides bareback and her feet and legs got soaked. The river was up also due to the warm weather and the melting of the glaciers and snowpack still on the mountains. It's a little early to be crossing the river but soon we will be able to cross at all the regular places.

I haven't seen any sign of bear yet. Lots of moose, dog and fox tracks in the muddy spots. As soon as there are fish in the river though the bears will be around.

The return trip was uneventful. The barking dog came charging out of her yard but Voosh just flicked an ear. Nice trot around the field and up several hills. We finished the ride by going up and down the driveway several times before heading to the barn.

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