Monday, May 25, 2009

Blogger Ate My Post!!

I came back to write about the ride tonight and found that blogger ate my last post!

Briar and I rode Friday evening. It's staying light until midnight so we take advantage of the cooler evenings to ride for a couple of hours. She chose to ride her Appy pony Strider since he is being loaned to a young girl for 4-H horse camp next week. Strider hasn't been ridden since last year. We wanted to give him a tune up for a beginner rider. Then my friend Christy asked if she could borrow Strider for the summer. She has a six year old daughter that needs a pony she can be ponied on. What a perfect job for an old horse. Strider will be 26 in June. He has a very colorful history. I actually have all the paperwork on him including his health certificate from when he came to Alaska on the ferry. His sire was a racing Appaloosa in Oregon named RJ Powder Bars and his dam was a registered QH named Buzzie's Honey. I know he spent two years in Glenallen tied to a bulldozer in someone's front yard. I bought him from an outfitter in Kenny Lake five years ago. He's been great. I rode him setting trail for the first Bald Mountain Butt Buster. Poor guy had to keep up with a Tennessee Walker and a 16 hand QH.

Saturday I was all set to ride with a group of people from the neighborhood. My crew was running a job in Palmer so I had to ferry trucks and supplies across the Valley. One of my employees was a no call, no show and the job had to be completed on Saturday. Guess who got shanghaied into working? So no ride on Saturday.

Sunday we spent almost all afternoon at a wedding but Briar and I got a ride in early evening. The group from Saturday had other committments so it was just us again. Then tonight (Monday) I bribed Briar into riding with me again. We rode for a couple of hours, down to the river and back. She put Strider in the beaver pond and it was so deep he had to swim! Voosh got right in the river and went where I asked her to. She did really well.

All of my rides have been no longer than two hours. I'm really looking forward to a longer ride. My biggest problem is that I can't get anyone to ride with me. Briar pouts almost the whole time she rides. It's like pulling teeth to get her to ride. Everyone else works 9 to 5. I'm hesitant to ride by myself for several reasons: It's more fun to ride with someone; There are very dangerous wild animals where I ride; and My horse is still basically green and I'd like a back up in case something goes wrong. If it comes to a question of riding by myself or not riding I guess I'll choose riding by myself.

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