Monday, June 28, 2010

Wild Horse Annie is STILL mad at the beavers!

It's worse......much worse. The beavers have extended the dam along one of our trails and the flooding is taking out a trail junction that has been our main river crossing for years. Christy decided to take matters into her own hands after our last ride. She pulled out enough of the dam to create an outflow. We knew the beavers would just rebuild it but hoped that with the pressure of all the water it would at least drop the pond level some. Nope....made it worse.

It is three weeks until our Bald Mountain Butt Buster CTR. The trails have been tentatively set and the goal this week is to finish getting accurate mileage. On the weekend of the 10th and 11th we will have a dress rehearsal with the point and drag riders.

I had dentals done on both horses this weekend. What a difference! Now I feel so bad that I didn't have them done sooner. There are only a few vets in our area and only one who has a special interest in dental work. He is recovering from shoulder surgery and has been unwilling to do dentals. So this week he brought in a woman who has 13 years experience. I've been waiting for a spot in one of her clinics for two years. She was very patient in answering all my questions and letting me put my hands in the horses' mouths to feel just what was going on. I must have the best horses in the world because even with points, hooks and prows of ships in their mouths they have been willing to do anything I have asked. Can't wait to see how they act now!

The theme song this week has been Rain, rain go away. Typical gray, rainy Alaska week. Farmers are doing the no rain dance because it is time for first cut and there hasn't been 5 days in a row with no rain. I'm down to my last seven bales of hay. I do not want to buy outside hay but may be forced to.


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  2. Did Lisa Barnes pay your horses a visit? Just curious :) I love her, and I know she's running around up there like she does every summer. She's fantastic.
    Looks like gorgeous riding up there! I'm so jealous!!!

  3. Mikey - YES! It was Lisa. What a small world it is. Come up with her next year and I'll take you riding.

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  6. How totally wild is that? I just now got back to read your response. SMALL WORLD!! She winters down here and comes to do dentals at our clinic. I love her, she used to be a farrier for 19 yrs. She's amazing, has mules, ropes, etc. Heck of a woman!!
    She's the one who did Honey's fangs in January. Boy do I wish I could tag along with her and come up and ride :)
    You must think I'm some kind of crazy, lol. I can guess your horse dentist!! This just totally made my day!