Tuesday, June 1, 2010


are about all I see on our rides since I ride drag.

From my APHA log for Ride America:

May 21 - 1 hour (by myself, a huge accomplishment for me)
May 23 - 2 hours with my husband
May 26 - 1.5 hours with Briar
May 28 - 3.5 hours with friends bushwacking new trails because of beavers
May 30 - 4.5 hours with friends
May 31 - 5.5 hours with friends on the mountain!

On the Memorial Day ride I remembered the GPS. These details are for Funder. I didn't mark waypoints, just the whole ride all together.

10.8 miles, 3 hours 38 minutes moving time, 3.0 average speed, elevation change from 516' to 1008' in about 3 miles

I saddled Vooshka at 10:30 and left my place at 10:45 am to meet up with my friends Nancy and Katie. I rode to the river just upstream from the beaver dam where we bushwacked a new trail to get around those pesky beavers. Nancy and Katie weren't there yet so I dismounted, undid one end of the reins and let Voosh drink. Silly horse stepped on her reins and busted her headstall. Because I carry a lot of stuff in my trail bags, I was able to fashion a repair and continue my ride.

This is the view up the mountain from where we had lunch. My friend Wild Horse Annie's dad lives here.

Headed back down the mountain.

Just after crossing the Little Susitna River. Can you believe tank tops on Memorial Day in Alaska?

Check out the background in the picture above. That water to the right of Nancy just past the spit is the beaver dam. It is so bad now we may lose that river crossing. Six adult beavers were trapped this winter but I don't think we made any progress in getting rid of them.

Hopefully this is the beginning of a wonderful summer of riding. I'll keep you posted.


  1. You've been hogging all the good weather!!! Glad to see you taking advantage of it too. Looks like a great time with family and friends!

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  3. What a gorgeous place to ride! Your views are spectacular!

  4. Oh that's really beautiful! Glad you've had great weather to ride.

    If the beavers are ruining the river, why don't you bust up the dam? We had a few beavers back home, but they weren't damming anything anybody cared about. I don't really know much about them.

  5. Funder - the beavers rebuilt the entire dam within two weeks of it being pulled out last year. The problem was the beaver's houses were not destroyed. When the adults were trapped the kits grew up and took their place. We've got some plans to reach a compromise but I'm afraid the beavers are gonna win.

  6. Yes, tank tops on Memorial Day. If it's over 50 degrees, tank tops and shorts come out! Did you remember the sun screen? I used to forget on the first couple nice days, and then I'd burn!