Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Words on Wednesday

Snow. Snow accumulation 8 to 12 inches. Highs 5 to 15 above. Light winds.

Numerous snow showers. Snow accumulation 1 to 4 inches. Lows 5 below to 5 above. Variable wind 10 mph.

Numerous snow showers. Snow accumulation up to 2 inches. Highs zero to 10 above. Light winds.

This is on top of the snow that's been falling for the past two days. My sweety is chomping to go snowmachining. All I want to do now is sleep. We've been plowing since Sunday afternoon. I have a church parking lot to do for evening services tonight. Then we'll start all over at 3 am.

Maybe this should be Plowing Log since I'm certainly not getting to ride!


  1. We just had a snow storm blow over us and hit the eastern most part of Portland, Cascade Locks area headed east. It really messed up traffic for all the freeways and the highway clear over here on my most westernly side of the outlying Portland metro area.

    If we get a good snow here, or ice storm, we will be snowed in. getting up and down the mountain won't likely be possible with the wet, slushy, turns-to-ice-too-easily type snow we have. So, in my near panic, we got extra stocked up on hay, grain and beet pulp. I don't have room or a dry spot to store a ton of hay. Next year though...

  2. OH, I couldn't imagine...

    We made it up to 30+ degrees yesterday! Of course I was at work and didn't get to enjoy it. HOpe for more of the same today...