Saturday, December 19, 2009

Random Stuff

I mentioned to a fellow blogger that the reason I had for starting a blog changed soon after I started the blog. But, like so many other bloggers, I found that I enjoyed writing on my blog and reading others. Now I feel as though these blogs are more like "letters from home". I'm old enough to remember when long distance telephone calls were very expensive and most communication was done by letter. When I was in junior high school I had several penpals and my cousin that I wrote to on a weekly basis. This blogging feels very much like that. Thanks to all of you for reading and commenting on my blog.


After almost 4 days of continuous snowfall, the totals in this area went from2.6 inches in south Anchorage to 63.5 inches in Valdez. I am so glad I don't live in Valdez. Here in my barn lot the totals were about average. My 1 ton dually hadn't been moved since just before this last round of snow.

On the hood is a yard stick:

11 and 1/2 inches of snow

Parked just behind the dually is the flatbed hay trailer and the horse trailer is behind that. Neither one of those have been moved or shoveled since it started to snow in November. We haven't had any days above freezing so the snow total is pretty accurate for the whole winter.

Seventeen and a half inches of snow!

I think I might need to get the snow shoveled off the roof of my trailer. I can't wait until we get the big shop finished so that I can store my trailer inside during the winter. Hopefully I can trailer to the indoor arena after the first of the year.

My favorite day of the year is fast approaching. We will have a bonfire to celebrate.

My animals have been so neglected. My daughter feeds morning and night and checks water. I go out with a flashlight to count noses and check the critters before I go to bed. Until last night I think I got a total of 6 hours of sleep from Sunday morning. Because we have several large parking lots that need to be plowed before the stores open, we generally plow from 3 am to 9 am on the commercials then start the residentials. That's at least another 6 to 8 hours depending on how much snow we have. This past week we plowed four times in 5 days. Some of the residentials only got plowed three times. One place got plowed twice in the same day.

The forecast now is for cold temps so hopefully we won't get another storm like this one for a while. We have plowed in this week half as many times as we plowed all of last season. I heard that in Wahington DC the snow was falling at a rate of 1 inch per hour and the plows couldn't keep up with it. I can so sympathize with you.


  1. I remember plowing our 1/2 mile long driveway several times a day at times, just to keep the blowing snow from drifting it shut. My sympathies are with you there!!!

    Gotta agree with the first part too-- phone calls were an outrageous expense, and rare (long distance ones that is.) I had pen pals, and used to so look forward to hearing from my pals! Now, with blogging, its even better. We get to see the journey in pix, and not have to wait quite as long (sometimes LOL) as on a hand written letter.

    Thanks for keeping on blogging!! I love seeing parts of AK and hearing about it!!

  2. Wow! My wv for that last comment was:

    MISHOTH as in miss Hoth. Yes! I'm a geek! LOL

  3. Mrs. Mom - I got into the snowplow business because no one would plow my driveway as often as we needed it plowed. If you go back a few posts you will find a picture of the mountains with the moon over them. That's the upwind side of our driveway. The snow comes out of the Talkeetna Mountains, picks up the snow on the field and dumps it on my driveway. The first year I was at this place the drift at the end of the driveway was 21 feet tall. In January we plowed with 2 loaders and a pickup truck for four hours to clear the drift and keep the driveway open.

  4. That is A LOT of snow! Good news! The days are getting longer now! LOL!

  5. Saw your post on my blog. A CTR in Alaska in July.... There are times like this when I am glad I haven't used all my frequent flier miles.... Remind me closer to the time.... ;) Would that be cool or what....

  6. Wow! That is a lot of snow. I'd like a couple of inches, you can send it this way! :) Like you, when I was younger, I had many pen pals. I would run to the mailbox every day. I also swapped "slambooks" and "friendship books", all horse-themed. I loved it! Blogging does remind me a lot of pen paling!

  7. probably hate the song White Christmas; you've never been without one! I can't imagine a 21 foot drift...dang.

    Keep on bloggin'!