Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Bunny Boots

On December 21 I posted about my 6th anniversary and how Carhartts and bunny boots were part of my wedding ensemble. These boots are so common here that I took it for granted that everyone would know what I meant. (I know oregonsunshine got a laugh out of it!) So I had my daughter snap a picture of my footwear of choice for Alaska winters.

"U.S. Government cold weather Mickey Mouse boots with valve are made for U.S. government troops in arctic conditions down to -60 degrees. Rubber design keeps the wool insulation dry. White Mickey Mouse boots are great for snowmobiling, ice fishing, or outdoor workers, etc." from the Army Surplus store description

We call them bunny boots. I heard it was because they make your feet look really big like bunny feet. Mickey Mouse works for me too.

I wear Outdoor Research gaiters over my boots because I cannot stand to get my jeans bottoms wet. With the gaiters on I can walk in snow up to my knees and still be comfortable.

When I first moved up here and got into all the outdoor activities I went shopping for boots, gloves, hats and snow pants. Everything I tried on made me look like the Michelin Man. So I bought the Gucci snow resort gear............and froze my butt off. I learned first hand that function trumps pretty any day.


  1. LOL I had this image of pink boots with bunny ears on some such on them!

    Those boots however, look MUCH more functional and warmer! When I lived in Tundra Country, I NEEDED a pair. Went with pulling on big rubber over shoes and gaiters instead. And Carharts. Felt like there was about 60 extra pounds on me...

    Happy New Year up there!!

  2. I need boots like those!! Yes, I am all for function over beauty, too!

    Happy New Year! Have a great evening!

    PS: Your Wordless Wed pic is very nice!

  3. Those look like some heavy duty boots!! I probably should get myself a pair of those!
    Happy New Year!!

  4. LOL! I need gaiters for the mud here! I'm tired of going into town and finding that the cuffs of my pants are mud splattered!