Friday, April 29, 2011

Quick Update

I just hung up with the Medicaid Waiver exceptions person for my mom. Her application was reviewed and she has been approved! The hang up was conflicting information from several different sources in their office. Momma has a trust that all the funds over their "allowable" limit goes into. One person told me I could deposit that amount any time. Because it was such a small amount and I don't go to town every day and the accounts are in two different banks, I usually transferred the money every other month. Now this new guy tells me that was not right. But he can't tell me how much I am supposed to deposit! Her balance after her bills are paid is $138 but the Waiver guy says I have to deposit a minimum of $150 each month BUT......I can take it right back out. Huh? That funds the trust how?

Oh well......hope this guy gets back to me with how I'm supposed to keep $100 in my mom's account and put $150 in the trust with $138. Oh wait......he's a government employee!!!**

**no disrespect to ANYONE who is a government employee who does their job. I know they are out there, just few and far between.

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  1. Wonderful! No clue on the logistics, sadly :(