Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Frazzled Wednesday

I absolutely hate this time of year. It's not really any one thing, just the combination of everything that really gets to me. this is a period of transition from winter to summer, from no work to overwhelming amounts of work, from mud to grass. This is the time of year all my licenses and insurances come due. And with little work over the winter things are really really tight.

Add to this that my mother's medicaid waiver has been denied due to bureaucratic paperwork. Someone dropped the ball somewhere and I have been wallowing in red tape for the past two months. I'm glad the State of Alaska has a program that will pay for my mother's care over and above the social security and pension funds that she contributes. Financially she makes $150 over what the State allows for the Waiver program. That money goes into a trust that the State will get when she dies. A financial review is done every year. Nothing has changed for the last two years. Yet this year her application was denied. So the house is not being paid. Her supplies and medications have been stopped. Private care for this house is $4,800 per month. My mom's income is a quarter of that.

There's no way that I could give her the quality of care that she receives at the assisted living home. We have "issues" and as much as I love my mom I just can't deal with her. I heard Dr. Laura say once that as caregivers for our parents we don't have to physically do the work ourselves but we must be sure they are being cared for properly. Then we can visit and enjoy the time spent with an elderly parent and not resent the fact that they are taking so much from us. That made sense to me and I found the most wonderful home for my mother. Briar and I visit frequently during the winter and not so frequently during the summer. My mom is on hospice care and has been for over six months. I expect at any moment to get "the call" from the staff. However, my mom continues to defy all the odds. She is now completely bedridden. Both arms and hands are completely contracted due to the many strokes she has had. Her dementia comes and goes. Her ejection fraction is 10% or less and she can't sit up for any length of time. We decided quality over quantity though and pulled all her diabetes meds, don't test her blood and let her eat cake every single day. It makes her happy.

I know that there are lots of people out there with problems worse than mine. (Thinking about and praying for Mrs. Mom and Johnny Reb.) And I'm really glad that I have a place here to vent. Thanks for listening.


  1. OH girl, our prayers are with you. What a tough time. We'll be thinking of you and sending you big hugs.

  2. Im so sorry, paperwork is never somthing fun to deal with when it concerns a loved one's health. Prayers to you and your family.

  3. Glad we can be here to listen. Both my parents are gone. Mom was the caregiver to Dad's two year cancer fight. Then 10 years later, she died shortly after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Having went thru the long goodbye & the short one, can't say either are recommended. But like with your mom, you do the best you can in making sure they are comfortable and loved. Dr. Laura can be a smart lady and you are smart to listen.

    Vent all you want...

  4. I hope this paperwork snafu gets straightened out and your mom is allowed to live the rest of her time with the dignity and care you've gone to such lengths to secure for her.

  5. (((HUGS)))

    I have listened long and hard to people dealing with things like this. My living will needs to change. I don't want things to drag out for me as they are for your mom and as they did for Johnny Reb. My standing orders are to take me back to Oregon and put me out of my misery.

    I don't truly understand why we abhor and punish people who let their animals die a natural death instead of euthanizing, but we elect to allow our humans to suffer and life without dignity so they may die a natural death. I suppose I will never understand. (Generalized musings).

    I think it's wonderful your mother's happiness is what's most important to you! Yes! Let her eat cake! Have some too, while you're there!

  6. Nothing but sympathy here. I haven't had to make decisions like that yet and I dread the day I do. Hugs!