Sunday, January 2, 2011

3rdAnnual First Saturday Event

The 3rd Annual First Saturday was held on Saturday, January 1, 2011. Wild Horse Annie invited me to attend again this year. This year we had twice as many participants as 2010 and just as much fun. This event involves the mountain and

this bunch of women. I knew half of them and the other half worked with Annie at her telephone company job. Most of us had snowshoed, hiked, climbed, or skiied before. Annie and I are the only horse riders in this group though. I'm on the far left and Annie is the second from the right. She was our leader and trail breaker and I rode drag.

Part way up the mountain she turned to look back at us and burst out laughing. She says we reminded her of the pictures of the train of people going up the Chilkoot Pass during gold rush days.

Once again we timed it just right. As we reached the highest elevation (about 1100') the sun broke through the clouds and gave us what one girl said was "God clouds". I am so blessed to live in this area and have such awesome friends to share this with.

We walked about 2 miles in 4 hours and climbed about 800' in elevation. I received an awesome pair of snowshoes for Christmas. They are MSRs and really aggressive with serrated edges and sharp crampons. Our highest point was at a place we call Aspen. It's one of the P&R stops for the Bald Mountain Butt Buster.

PS - I stole all the pictures from Annie's FaceBook page.


  1. Hello fellow mountain climber! Ain't it fun?! You girls look great out there!

  2. LOL, G and I also call them Jesus Clouds. Cool mountain!

  3. What a great, new tradition! Very pretty pictures.

    CTR in Alaska in July? Remind me closer to the time. Still have those frequent flier miles to burn.... ;)

  4. I may have to come visit in winter, just so we can go play with snowshoes.

  5. Beautiful country! Sounds like you all had a good time. that's a pretty good way to start off the year.