Thursday, October 7, 2010

Where has the time gone?

We are frantically getting ready for winter. There is so much to be done in a short time. First all the landscaping jobs we have been contracted for must be finished. Then the equipment can come home and begin working on getting the snow plowing stuff ready.

My sweety's plow truck has been stored all summer behind 8 cargo containers from Alaska Airlines. They were not air worthy so the containers were going to be crushed. They will make perfect sheep houses so I drug 11 of them home. To get his plow truck out from behind them we have to clean up where the chickens were and build a gravel platform for the feed shed to be moved so we can clean that area and move 2 containers to make a shelter for Briar's cow Alice. The 2 sheep pens need to be cleaned and platforms made for 4 containers to be moved for sheep shelters. The other 2 containers will be spotted in the yard as storage for my big Ferris mowers. All that work to get his plow truck out and ready for winter work.

The winter horse pen will be built as soon as the ground freezes. Then the horses will come to the upper lot for the winter. I must say that I really enjoy having the horses 27 feet from my front door. It makes feeding at 40 below much easier.

"They" say there are three seasons in Alaska: winter, getting ready for winter, and road construction.

Lots more going on. More posts to come with pictures!


  1. I'd love to see pictures of the containers. Are they cans, like Fedex planes use? Or more like those steel intermodal cargo boxes that go on boats and semis?

  2. Funder - They are cans like FedEx uses. Similar in size and shape to the SAE cans but the opening is on the narrow end. I've got some pictures and will post them soon - along with all the others that we've been taking!

  3. I am tired just reading all of that!

  4. When I think of winter, I think "here we go again..." I'm so not ready....

  5. 40 BELOW?????!!! I think 27 feet would not be close enough in that kind of weather. I'd want them in the house! lol!