Tuesday, October 12, 2010

For Funder

This is the container that we used for Briar's cow, Alice. I have 9 more just like this one and one that I have already modified for the rams.

My plan to to put two cans together with the open ends facing with an alley between them. Then we'll roof that alley way so I can put their feeders under cover. The fiberglass sides will be cut out (leaving the aluminum supports) and the sheep will be able to use the cans as three sided sheds.

The weather in October has been beautiful except for one weekend of 100 mph straight line winds that had many people without power for up to 2 days. We have a generator, wood stove, gas lanterns and a gas cook stove as well as several stock tanks full of water so the power being out didn't affect us. The sky in these pictures is what we have had for the past week. However, the downside is that the high temperatures are in the low 40s and it's been below freezing every night. Termination dust is slowing marching down the mountains and we will have snow on the ground in less than a month.


  1. Snow by Halloween, you think?

    PS Give Papa Hocker my love when you see him next!

  2. Oh man, they ARE cans! My husband used to load hazmat cans at the Fedex hub when he was a teenager. Got his leg crushed by a tug driver and that ended that career. Anyway, they look like great ready-made sheds. Do you do anything to secure them to the ground?

    We need a generator, but at least we have a woodstove and a gas range. We'll be bored but not freezing if our power goes out. I should really get some water containers though.