Monday, September 28, 2009

Short But Worth It

Briar and I took the horses out for about an hour and a half this evening. We bundled up including hats and gloves. It wasn't too bad until we dropped down to the river. Then it got chilly.

The beavers have been working on their dam. The water in the pond is very high, higher than before. The river is only about 10" deep. I actually saw one of the stinkers tonight. He dove as soon as we rode up so Briar didn't get to see him. I like taking her on rides because nothing ever happens when she is with us. She hasn't seen the bears, moose or porcupines. No one gets bucked off and the horses all behave. She says it's boring but I kinda like it.


  1. Boring trail rides are the best kind! Once, Darling and Sandy met Jogger Bear on the trail and it was far to exciting for all involved. We like boring :-)

  2. Beavers must be a problem up there? And yes, boring is better than over-eventful!!