Friday, August 28, 2009

A Winner!

I have one stinky registered Alpine goat buck named Mr. Ritter (registered name is Heavenly Peace Hewa Hewa Ali'l). Today was the American Dairy Goat Association (ADGA) show at the Fair. The girl I bought him from encouraged me to show him so off we went - no bath (bucks stink no matter what) no grooming (bucks don't care and they stink) but I did wash the blood off his face from the scurs I ripped off his head. I have never shown a goat but I've watched while my daughter learned to show goats in 4-H. She's won Grand Champion Goat Showmanship twice.

So any way, we went in the ring for our class and won. Then we went back in the ring for Grand Champion (all the first place bucks). HE WON! That earned the first of three legs to get his permanent championship. We had a good time and, although I won't continue in a big way with the goats, I will finish his championship.

The sheep show tomorrow and I need to get back to the fairgrounds to groom them.

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