Sunday, August 30, 2009

More Winners!

At the sheep show on Friday we showed several Suffolk sheep. We won lots of blue ribbons - mostly because we had the only Suffolks entered! However, the judge doesn't have to give you first place just because you are the only one in the ring.

Anne and Nancy were entered in the 2 to under 12 month class. I'm not sure which one was first because they were pen judged. I didn't feel like rodeoing them in the ring. Then we showed 7 and 30 in the 12 month to under 24 month class. 7 was first and 30 was second. John and Rider completed our entry. They were in the market, produce of dam and get of sire classes. Rider beat John in market but they placed 1st in the other classes. Each first earned a premium of $20 and second was $15. I actually made enough to cover my fair admission and parking pass!

I placed second in sheep showmanship mostly because of the fitting.

Tomorrow I am taking the morning off from the Fair so I can do my other job. Then we'll be back at the Fair for the petting zoo. Tuesday the 4-H lambs will be taken to the scales to be weighed then moved from the big pen to their own small pens. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday the kids have many competitions and classes. Then on Saturday is the auction.

I love this time of year but it is very hectic. I haven't done anything with the horses except throw them hay and fill the water trough. Maybe some pictures when I can get them downloaded.

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