Thursday, February 3, 2011

I apologise.....

for sending all the snow to America. These trees no longer have any snow on them. The snow is melting off the barn roof and has filled two 75 gallon stock tanks. The temperature at 11 pm is 38*. Yesterday Briar wanted to wear shorts and a t-shirt to the store. The horses and dogs are beginning to shed.

We talked about how cool it would be to ship the sleds down and ride in the wonderful snow that everyone else is dealing with. I'd LOVE to get 2 feet of snow in one day.

The marmot didn't see his shadow so I hope we have an early spring. Early for us though will be May. Long after America has flowers blooming in the garden, our ground will still be frozen. Outside plants don't get put out until Memorial Day.

So when you look at the snow you have down there be thankful that it will be gone in a week and remember those of us who live in Tundra Country and will not see green grass for at least 4 more months!


  1. Lol, yeah thanks! We're frozen in AZ. Sending it back your way!

  2. We are snowed under in Oklahoma, so you can take it back now... lol

  3. Wee just got some cold, no snow...and the sun is shining. We could use the moisture.

  4. Don't you live in Russia or Canada or something? ;) No snow here, not even very cold! Just as it should be for Reno.

  5. At least when spring does come, you can sit and watch the trees bud and leaf out on the same day like a National Geographic documentary! And you get eternal sunshine in the summer! Your winters are such a small price to pay for those amazing things!

    I have torrential rain beyond anything I've ever experienced in the PNW. I think I might need to call Noah. It's 35F and raining, not Casey's happy. He's grumpy. And wet. I'm not going to blanket a wet, grumpy horse in the slick clay mud.

  6. We definitely got your Arctic weather! 8 inches of snow, minus 27 the other night, and everybody's water pipes are breaking, mine included. You can keep it. This kind of weather certainly doesn't belong in the Southwestern United States!

  7. People here in WI like to brag about the WI weather but I think that some of themneed to move to interior AK and really see what a long, hard and cold (with lots of darkness) winter is really like,
    P.S. I love Lucifer's Hammer, I have it, read it more then five time. It's in my top 10 books (That's the books that I move with me where ever I go, just in case)

  8. We forgive you because all of our snow has melted now and we're enjoying 60F degree temps this week. Woohooo!

    I don't even need to wear a jacket outside and I have my windows open. So nice!

    But please don't send us anymore of your arctic blasts again. We can handle some snow because we are above 7,000ft elevation after all, but those sub zero temps just kill us!

    Enjoy your warm spell :)

    New Mexico