Thursday, August 5, 2010

Rain Rain Go Away

Sorry I haven't been around but we are in the process of building an ark. July 2010 was the seventh wettest July since records have been kept in Anchorage. My horse "dry" lot is a muddy, mucky, nasty mess. Over half of the first cut hay is still standing. The poor sheep are almost to the point of shrinking.

We've been riding - in the rain - and even had a poker ride last weekend. Everything was wet but the rain stopped for several hours during the ride. This ride even had drama. We had two riders go through red "do not go here" flagging and ended up way off the trail. Both are good riders but really unfamiliar with our trail system. They finally retraced their steps and returned to the river. The drag riders (me) had come through and pulled the directional arrows so the two lost riders had to figure out how to cross the river. I didn't pull any flagging though so they were able to figure it out and get back to camp.

The next six weeks are full of things to do. The Kenny Lake Fair, then a Poker Ride close to the Matanuska Glacier, our Alaska State Fair in Palmer and finally PENDLETON! I haven't booked my flights yet but plans are for Briar and I to attend the 100th Anniversary RoundUp with my Unlce Chan. I'm so excited!

On another note: Wild Horse Annie had a really bad trailering accident with her TWH gelding. He has a dropped hip and will require stall rest until October 15. The vets say that if he makes it until then he should be 100% healthy and useable. Please keep them both in your thoughts.

I'll get pictures of the ark as we work on it. August doesn't look any drier than July.


  1. Oh man! You're going to be in Oregon and I'm not there any more! Bummer!

    My mom was in Anchorage last week. She was pretty miserable, I think.

    We're supposedly drier than normal for July and not necessarily getting any better, yet.

    Hope it dries up for you some!

  2. You are floating away and we are burning up. This year has not been favorable weather wise