Friday, April 2, 2010

Another Friday, Another Ride

I picked Lyssa up from school and we went trail riding again today. The temps were in the 40s and the sky was mostly cloudy. The snow on the trails was more rotten this week than last and Voosh had trouble walking in it. She would put her hoof on the snow and as she stepped forward, the snow would give way and she would fall about six inches or so. It wasn't enough to be dangerous, just enough to be really annoying. She got frustrated several times but never got ugly about it.

Lyssa rode the Mare for the first part of the loop. It takes about and hour to an hour and a half to complete the loop.

Just like last week, our plan was to ride the loop with the Mare and Vooshka then go back and get Dusty for the second part of the ride. This time though I was going to ride the Mare and pony Dusty while Lyssa rode her. I love the Mare! She is so solid and nothing bothers her. Dusty was rubbing her head on Mare's hindquarters and all Mare did was pin her ears and glare at Dusty.

Dusty never did relax on this ride. She didn't do anything wrong exactly but you could tell that she just wasn't comfortable with something. I did notice that she's in squat, pee and wink heat. She's been on Breeder Pak since she's been living with me.

With this ride today, I'm hoping that she will settle down and relax on the trail. Only time will tell.


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  3. I saddle the small herd for the nieces and nephews on Easter. One of the girls wanted to ride "Big Baby" (our belgian mare). I saddled her without even putting a halter & leadrope on her. Slipped on a bridle with roping reins & the girl climbed aboard. That mare amazes me - her gentle nature and easy way about herself. She was naturally collected with a nice drape in the reins. She is 10 this year and I would say green broke at best, but never for an instant would I not trust her to give pony rides. They are amazing, aren't they?

  4. I love the Mare. She is about 20 so I'm hoping that we have many more years with her. We did Spring Clinic on Saturday and she stood for her injections and inspection with no problem. She is so good that I can deworm her with paste halterless!

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