Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Not So Wordless Wednesday

Things have been rather hectic here for the past week. It snowed twice - 6" last weekend then a foot yesterday (I think). When it snows and I plow. my days and nights get so turned around it's not funny. On top of that my daughter is in Youth Court training every afternoon and my sweety and I had to go to a pesticide certification class Tuesday and Wednesday. And the goat kidded last week so I am now milking twice a day.

We did ride last Friday. Dusty did well under saddle but we have found that she is terrified of trucks, cars and skid steers. Just something new to work on. She's smart though. Lyssa wanted to work her over some ground poles in the arena. So she pulled out some white poles and proceeded to walk Dusty over the poles. Counterclockwise was perfect - stepped over the poles with no hesitation and no ticks. Clockwise - spook and back up. I don't like horses that back up because I'm concerned that if they don't get the release they are seeking from backing they will go up. Lyssa worked and I watched. Over and over with the same result. Voosh walked both directions and Dusty finally followed her over the pole. Turns out it was her SHADOW!

It's almost midnight and I'm running on about 4 hours sleep since Sunday morning. But I wanted to post my Not So Wordless Wednesday while it still was Wednesday!


  1. Thought of you yesterday, as I was on the phone w/ my cousin, who I have not seen or talked to in probably ten years. He lives in Fairbanks, and all I could think of was your blog, the photos, and how cool could that be? LOL

    Glad Dusty got sorted out!! Stay warm and be safe plowing!!

  2. Good Girl Dusty! Give her smooches for me! And snow season is almost over. Break up is right around the corner!

    PS Please keep your snow and cold weather up there. I'd like to get started on the garden soon!