Wednesday, February 24, 2010


A quick update on Dusty: while there have been times of disrespectful behaviour, Dusty has not once offered to bite or kick a person. She fence fights with the Mare and Vooshka but that is ok. We have hauled to the arena twice. Lyssa rode bareback with a rope halter both times. It's obvious that Dusty had been trained by a knowledgeable person. She will move off pressure and has the basics of collection. We still get some testing, especially if she doen't particularly want to do something. The only thing we have found is that she has to be pushed hard to lope on the line. Because of that Lyssa has only trotted while riding. She says the mare is smooth and responsive. Next step is to get the chiro out to see if her loping problem comes from pain or obstinance.

On another note - lambing has begun. So far the count is even, 1 of each sex. They are singles though so already I am going to have to disappoint some 4-H kids who were hoping for market lambs this year.


  1. So interesting. I can't wait to read more about her progress.

    I wandered over here from Mrs Mom - looking forward to a look around...

  2. Shes cute AK! Cant wait to hear what the chiro has to say.... bet she has a lovely lope on her.

    How many lambs are you expecting?

    Oh-- I think I forgot to zap you-- you have a surprise on my blog! :)

  3. I needs you! I have questions! I will shoot you an email!

    PS I think Dusty IS cute and I'm one of those that isn't an appy fan! I hope she continues to do well!

  4. Dusty sounds promising! Keep those lil' lambs warm up there!

  5. How delightful to discover that Dusty has a home with you, a huge relief :) Looking forward to continued updates!