Thursday, January 21, 2010


My daughter got to spend a couple of days with her friend at their cabin. It's a snowmachine ride in from the road system. She took these pictures on her phone camera.

The cabin - a typical recreational cabin in Alaska. It has a loft for sleeping with living room and kitchen below. It's heated with a woodstove but has a generator for electricity. The girls got to watch movies and the mom of my daughter's friend even gets to quilt on the machine!

The mountain is called Anthracite Ridge and is located about just above Weiner Lake off the Glenn Highway at about mile 100.

Not much is going on here. Except I got a new horse. I traded a saddle and a dollar for a registered Appaloosa mare. She had some issues with her owner but seems to be ok here. If the weather holds Friday I'm going to haul her and Voosh to the indoor.

Even though I haven't posted I've been following along on lots of blogs. Mugwump's latest post made my head hurt from thinking too much, Mikey makes me laugh, TBFriends has me being amazed at the generosity of horse people. Everyone's pictures are soooooo much better than mine that it almost makes me not want to post pictures. Love all the images from around the world. And we won't even talk about the food blogs. I read them before I read Cowboys Love Fat Calves.


  1. Beautiful! I have always wanted to go to Alaska.
    Curious to see pictures of the Appy. Is it colored? I hope it works out for you. A dollar and a saddle, that's a deal! :)

  2. Post MORE pictures! We love your pictures! Especially this cabin. It rocks!
    Yes, we want to see your new horse. Post everything about Alaska, I'm fascinated by it, and especially people who keep horses up there :)

  3. What a cool cabin! I think that would be a great place to vacation!

    I agree with Mikey...just go ahead and post more photos...the more you practice with your camera, the better they will get. But we are all so interested in Alaska...just keep doin' what you're doin'!

    The Appy sounds interesting. I'd like to hear her story and see how she's doing for you.