Monday, November 16, 2009

Now THIS is Winter

Sheep stock tank.
It now has a sheet of foam covering most of the water so that
all that heat doesn't get lost in the air. At these temps ice forms no matter what.

The view down my driveway

The barn.
You can just see the horses in their side of the barn. These pictures were taken just before noon. The sun hardly gets above the trees this time of year.


  1. Wow- think I'll continue to live vicariously through your blog, and stay somewhat more south of AK ;)

    Stay warm up there!

  2. I'm with Mrs Mom! But I really love seeing how you live up there. What kind of an insulation do you put over the water tanks to help keep the heat in? Once in a while we'll get cold enough temps over a long enough period of time where the heaters won't keep up. That's good info to know...thanks!

  3. I don't miss my nose hairs freezing! For those fortunate enough not to have experienced it, that happens when the temps drop to about 10 degrees. And it feels ewwy!

    I've got 50 degrees, rain and wind, alternating. It's only froze once so far. Once. I'm going to have to get my snow fix through you too. However, please keep the white stuff up there until January. Then you can send me a little. Only a little though, please!

  4. Beautiful that it is, it just HURTS to think of it benig that cold!