Sunday, July 19, 2009


Since the last time I posted, my horse has recovered from her colic, we rode in a poker ride, we set fence, got hay, helped a friend load a horse for euthanasia.........all the minutiae of life.

The Challenge of the North CTR started Friday. Our group left on Thursday for the 7 hour 350 mile haul. On one hand I was disappointed that I wasn't going and on the other I was relieved because we just weren't ready. Next year CTR Alaska will be hosting the Bald Mountain Butt Buster here at home. That's what I really like to do - organize the trails for our CTR. There are over 50 miles of trails that need to be maintained. Some we ride every week because they are the ones closest to the house. An all day ride with lunch on the mountain gets us to the farthest away and most spectacular trails.

The Poker Ride went great! No accidents, no one got hurt, the food was excellent! There were about 55 riders including all the volunteers. The next one is planned for sometime in September at a yet to be determined location. There's another group of riders at Mile 107 of the Glenn Highway who would like us to help them put on a Poker Ride. As much as I love to ride our trails going some where new is always fun.

I rode Vooshka at the Poker Ride and for3 days before the ride flagging trail and riding support for cleaning a trail. You would never have known she had colicked the week before. We rode about 4 hours on Tuesday, 4 hours on Thursday, 8 hours on Friday and another 8 on Saturday. My horse does not like riding with new horses. My friend Christy and I rode mid-drag (because the ride was divided into two groups: one continued up the mountain and the others turned back at the five mile point). Our girls rode together ahead of us with another friend and that friend's mom rode with us. This new-to-Vooshka horse had her passage-ing on the trail from my chip stop to the end of the ride. Oh my goodness. Although her feet were going like crazy, she never felt like she was going to explode or run off. She did stick her nose in the air quite a bit so I know we need to work on that but she never went any faster than I allowed her to.

Hay this year is awesome! We had hot (for Alaska) sunny days and cool nights. A little rain would have helped but for the most part first cut is in the barn with no rain on it. This is such a blessing since last year what little hay was pulled from the field was horrible. I had to buy outside hay at $27/100 # bale to get me through until first cut. Second cut in September should be better since it will rain some in August.

We are preparing for the State Fair already. My daughter has a market lamb and several of my Suffolks as well as the Alpine buck will be shown. She does the baking contest, speech contest and livestock judging also.

That's about all I've been doing. There's no drama - just life. Let me see if I can find a picture for you.......


  1. I enjoy your blog. Your pictures are amazing and the terrain is so unlike anything I know.

    You asked about the decal on my trailer. I have one one on each. The decal I had specially made at our expo. A guy had a booth and could custom make whatever, so its the only one I have. I was hoping he would come back the next year because I wanted to get another one for my big trailer, but he didn't. Dang!

    The two horse head on my big trailer is a Lanie Frick image (western artist). She sold her graphic designs to another company & they are available online. There are some other neat ones, too. I think they can put any wording you want with it as well. Their website is

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I plan to do another CTR in Sept. I need to get my butt in the saddle and do some fast conditioning rides. I've been just moseying along lately!


  2. I checked your blog right after you posted about the decal company. Checked it out and had to wipe the drool off the keyboard. I have some stock decals on the tailgate of the 1 ton dually tow truck but I have a new trailer and wanted to dress it up some. We have CTR Alaska decals too. Send me your snail mail address ( ) and I'll send you one for your trailer.

    Thanks for the comment. I started this just to keep track of what I was doing and never dreamed that anyone would actually READ it! It's been fun. I will probably have more time to post over the winter since we are so busy in the summer.

  3. Beautiful country, just found ya...but plan on checkin in on ya regularly. Safe trails to ya!